Sep 06 2010

Welcome To Everyday HDR!

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Hello hello!

Welcome to Everyday HDR.  I recently had the pleasure of attending Photoshop World 2010.  I can’t even go into how much I learned, my brain hurt after 3 days of an open mind.   Most importantly, I picked up how important it is to have a blog from the great minds of Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, and Jeff Revell.  A one hour session with these guys (from NAPP) and I was inspired!  After further discussion with Matt about starting the blog I was introduced to RC Concepcion.

As soon as I got home I signed up for Kelby Training and enrolled in RC’s “WordPress Basics for Beginners”.  At first I was hesitant and thought, ” Oh man this is going to be an online college course all over again…blah blah blah”.  After the first intro video I was hooked.

RC is a great instructor and made the process extremely simple, painless, and quite enjoyable.  After 3 hours of work here we are!  everydayHDR.com!

WHY HDR?!?  Well head on over to Why HDR? And we will get right into it!

A little HDR shot for ya from the highway on the way home from Photoshop World 2010.

About the author

Blake Rudis

Blake is a husband, father, and avid photographer whose passion for HDR led him to create EverydayHDR.com.
You can also find him on: Google+


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  1. Matt Kloskowski

    Congrats Blake. Great blog. It was awesome to see you at Photoshop world too . Keep in touch bro!

    1. Blake Rudis

      Thanks Matt! I had a blast and already see this being a lot of fun too!

  2. Tim

    Blog looks GREAT. I can’t wait to see more of your work on a regular basis. :)

  3. Mike

    Love the shot boy. I’ll be reading up on HDR and look forward to more from you.

    1. Blake Rudis

      Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! EverydayHDR.com will be a happenin’ place!

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