Scroll through the list of tutorials at your leisure.  Here on Everyday HDR I try to create helpful tutorials for all of your photography needs from beginner tips to HDR post processing techniques.  Visit frequently as this list is ever changing, constantly evolving to fulfill the needs of the Everyday HDR photographer!  My tutorials are extremely important to me, if you have any constructive criticism, please leave me a comment and I will do everything in my power to ensure you get the essential training you need!

I also offer Premium Tutorials on the site HDR Insider.  Many ask what is HDR Insider, I explained it to one gentleman this way:

EverydayHDR compared to HDR Insider is like owning a Corvette and only going 20 miles per hour.
If you like the EverydayHDR tutorials you will LOVE HDR Insider, I don’t hold anything back and in this community we take that Corvette to 120 miles per hour each month!

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The Free Tutorials


If You Have No Idea What HDR Is… Start Here:

  1. How To HDR!

  2. A Few HDR Shooting Tips

  3. HDR Insider In-depth Look 

  4. Overcoming Frustration with Your Photographic Workflow 

Beginner Tutorials

  1. Layer Control In Photoshop  

  2. Photomatix Pro 5.0 Tutorial

  3. How to Rescue an Underexposed Photo in Adobe Camera Raw 

  4. How to Save For Printing In Photoshop 

  5. The Clone Stamp Tool

  6. RAW versus JPEG…. The Importance of RAW

  7. Halos and HDR Episode 1: Avoiding Them Altogether! 

  8. Halos and HDR Episode 2: Fixing them in Photoshop

  9. Halos and HDR Episode 3: Avoiding them in Nik HDR Efex Pro II 

  10. Black and White Conversions in Photoshop

  11. Beginner’s Guide: F/stops, EV’s and ISO’s 

  12. Beginner’s Guide: Composition

  13. Beginner’s Photomatix Tutorial

  14. Beginner’s Post Processing Methods

  15. Camera Raw 7.0 HDR Effect

  16. HDR Shooting and the Exposure Compensation Button

  17. Creating Multiple Exposures From a Single File (Photoshop CS 5)

  18. Speed Light Macro Photography

  19. Effective Cataloging of HDR Exposures

  20. Barebones Compositing TutorialBanner zone edit


HDR Post Processing

  1. The Secret to Better HDR Photographs: Contrast 

  2. Camera Raw: The Adjustment Brush 

  3. Grayscale Dodge and Burn Technique

  4. How to Make Vignettes In Photoshop CS 6

  5. Better Snow HDR Images

  6. Camera RAW HDR Post Processing

  7. Controlling Saturation in Your HDR images

  8. Fixing Chromatic Aberrations with the Saturation Adjustment Layer

  9. 32 Bit HDR Workflow Using Photoshop CS 6’s Merge To HDR Pro

  10. 32 Bit HDR Workflow Using Photoshop CC 

  11. 32 Bit HDR Workflow Using Photomatix Pro and Adobe Camera Raw

  12. 3 HDR Pet Peeves of Mine and How to Fix Them!

  13. HDR Noise Reduction With DeNoise 5 and CS5’s Blur Tool

  14. Topaz Adjust 5 High Pass Sharpen Technique 

  15. HDR Post Processing Tutorial

  16.  The Curves Adjustment Layer

  17. Chromatic Abberation and Color Noise Reduction

  18. Black and White and HDR

  19. Fixing Shadow Noise and Highlight Blowouts

  20. Dual Processing HDR Image

  21. Dodging and Burning

  22. Fixing HDR Night Skies Using Photoshop CS 5

  23. HDR Noise Reduction

  24. More Dynamic HDR


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Creative Effects

  1. Selective Focus and Saturation 

  2. Contrast Boost Using Black and White Layer

  3. How to Make Highlight Ray Blowouts in Photoshop  

  4. How to Add A Lens Flare in Photoshop Non-destructively

  5. Cross Processing Using Topaz Adjust 5 

  6. Make A Window 

  7. Cyanotypes 

  8. Creative Camera Raw Episode 1: Cross Processing

  9. Creative Camera Raw Episode 2: Black and White

  10. Creative Camera Raw Episode 3: Faking Neutral Density

  11. Double Processing In Adobe Camera Raw 

  12. HDR Tone Map High Pass Layer

  13. PS CS5:Selective Focusing

  14. Selective Color Using Layer Masks

  15. Adding Borders in Photoshop CS 5

  16. Adding Texture To Photographs

  17. High Pass Texturing

  18. Old Photograph Effect

  19. Cross Processed Photoshop Effect

  20. Extreme Soft Light Effect

  21. Dreamscape Effect

  22. Graphic Novel Effect

  23. The Old Polaroid Effect

  24. Making of a Polaroid EverydayHDR Style!


Cool Photoshop Tricks

  1. Photoshop For Video (Beginner) !NEW!

  2. Photoshop For Video (Advanced) !NEW!

  3. Fixing Extreme Wide Angle Distortion with the Warp Tool 

  4. Working with Text in Photoshop 

  5. Masks and Clipping Masks Made Easy 

  6. How to Make Classy Watermarks in Photoshop

  7. Making a Transparent Background in PS (PNG File)

  8. How to Fix Extreme Wide Angle Shots in Photoshop

  9. How To Straighten Images With Photoshop CS 6

  10. Dynamic Brushes In Photoshop

  11. Adjustments Window Presets

  12. Adding Images To Text

  13. High Pass Sharpening

  14. Painting With Adjustment Layers

  15. Panoramic Stitching In Photoshop

  16. Cool Tips, Crazy Tricks Volume One

  17. Actions In Photoshop, Automated Editing?

  18. Non-Destructive Editing

  19. Making Your Own Brushes

  20. Auto Aligning Layers

  21. Fixing Dust Blemishes With Photoshop CS 5

  22. The History Brush

  23. Batch Processing

  24. High Pass Sandwhiching

  25. Combination of: Saturation, Texturing, Vignetting


Software Tutorials

  1. How To Fix Dust Spots on Photographs with Adobe Camera Raw (CC) !NEW!

  2. Processing Multiple Raw Files in Adobe Camera Raw !NEW!

  3. Zone System Editing and Topaz Plugins 

  4. Topaz Detail 3 In Depth Tutorial

  5. Photomatix Pro Pink Screen of Death Fix 

  6. Topaz ReStyle Tutorial 

  7. The 4 Step Creative HDR Process (Using Topaz Products)

  8. Topaz Lens Effects Tutorial 

  9. Topaz Clarity Tutorial 

  10. Topaz Labs, Black and White Eefects 2 Walkthrough

  11. Topaz Detail 3 Tutorial

  12. photoFXlab Tutorial (by Topaz Labs)

  13. Photoshop CS 6 Beta: Iris Blur and Oil Paint

  14. Photoshop CS 6: Lens Distortion Correction & More

  15. Photomatix Tutorial: Good HDR and Fixing Clouds

  16. Topaz Adjust 5 Tutorial

  17.  Tiffen DFX Preview

  18. Pseudo HDR With Camera Raw and Topaz Adjust

  19. Oloneo PhotoEngine Tutorial

  20. Windows Movie Maker for Photographer’s

  21. Using the Gamma Slider In Photomatix

  22. Photomatix Tutorial: Selective De-Ghosting


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Quick Tips

  1. 7 Tips for Awesome Lightning Photographs 

  2. A Vignette of a Different Color

  3. Auto Align Layers

  4. 5 HDR Tone Mapping Tips: Photomatix

  5. 5 Post Processing Tips For HDR: Photoshop CS 5

  6. Hiding Layers Quickly

  7. White Balance Make Over

  8. HDR Noise Reduction (Using Only Photoshop CS 5 Filters)

  9. Selective De-saturation



  1. D.I.Y Macro Extension Tube

  2. Protecting Your Camera in the Rain



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