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Aug 06 2013

11 Tips for a Successful Art Gallery Show

A successful gallery event is not difficult to achieve if you keep a couple of things in the forefront of your mind throughout the setup process.  I will outline them in great detail, but first and foremost, you must understand the definition of successful.  If you measure success in the form of sales, you may …

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Jun 22 2013

Super Moon Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night is the Super Moon!  Apparently it is the closest the moon will be to Earth all year.  What a great opportunity to go out and shoot for the Moon!  Alright, bad pun, I know, but I had to go there. Check out these tips to make shooting the moon easier than ever!   …

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Feb 18 2013

30,000 Foot Photography

When picking a seat on an airplane I will always take the window!  Not only is it the most comfortable spot to sleep, but you can get some awesome shots out that little porthole window. One time I was flying from California to Delaware and  I saw lightning off in the distance.  I really didn’t …

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Jan 21 2013

How to Photograph a Cave

Bridal Cave HDR 1

Last week my wife and I went to the Lake of the Ozarks.  While there we took a stroll over to the Bridal Cave, thank goodness for Grandparents!  It would have been nice to take the wee man with us, but I fear it would have scared him. We had a great tour through the …

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Sep 10 2012

Let’s Talk About Water: Tips for Photographing Waterfalls

I recently took a road trip out to Wichita Falls Texas for work.  I had been there before, before I was a photographer, and I hated it. Now going back 10 years later, I actually enjoyed myself a bit.  One thing I have realized is that photography makes any place better.  I believe you can …

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Jul 23 2012

Tips For Animal Portraits At The Zoo

Last week while my Mom was in town, we headed to the Kansas City Zoo.  I still cannot figure out who was more excited, my mother with her 50-200 lens, me with my inferior 70-300, or my wife who continually stated. “I can’t wait to go to the zoo!” all weekend.  Oh and I forgot …

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