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Oct 11 2013

How To Photograph A Difficult Subject With LPN!


by Last weekend David and I recorded our latest tutorial, “How to Photograph a Difficult Subject” for LearnPhotoNow.   You may have photographed a difficult subject before, like a pet or a screaming child, but a Zombie?  That is a whole different can of worms!  David and I were talking last Thursday about how funny it would …

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Oct 08 2013

Marketing Technology Available for Photographers

by The path to becoming a successful photographer requires some level of marketing. This can be as simple as networking effectively and helps to get your name remembered. For those who find networking and “selling themselves” to be as painful as having their nails pulled, there are a variety of ways you can advertise yourself …

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Jul 23 2013

Beginning HDR Photography by Matthew Bamberg


by I recently read the Beginning HDR Photography book by Matthew Bamberg.  While I may be pretty advanced in this HDR stuff, it is always a great idea to see another HDRtist’s perspective.  This is no exception with Mr. Bamberg’s HDR book.  There is a quite a bit of great information in it, however, there …

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Jul 02 2013

Fireworks Photography

by So it is that time of year again, 4th of July, what other way to celebrate our Independence Day than with things that blow up filling the sky with magic beams of light!  It is also a great time to bring your camera with you to capture all of that glory.  Fireworks photography can …

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May 31 2013

How To Watermark Your Photos

by To Watermark or not to Watermark, that is the question? I do not place watermarks on my landscape and gallery images here on EverydayHDR.  I am not worried about my internet sized pictures getting stolen.  If a perpetrator were to steal a 100 kilobyte image from me they would not be able to get …

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May 14 2013

A New Post Schedule

by I have been battling with the idea of a new posting schedule for several months.  I currently post something new every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Recently, I have been more active in the community writing guest posts, trying to keep up with social media, and writing more eBooks (two more are on the back …

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