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Aug 20 2013

Are Bing’s Anti-Google Ads Working?


I really dislike commercials, so does my wife.  As a matter of fact, every time a show goes to commercial break my wife mutes the TV.  She despises how loud they get and how annoying the jingles can be.  Despite the annoyance of most commercials, I could not help but notice Bing and their anti-Google. …

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Jan 25 2013

Recording a Cyanotype Action!

I was doing a Google search recently about photo techniques and came across an old favorite of mine, the Cyanotype.  I have never created a Cyanotype in the dark room myself, however, I really like the way they look. Creating a Cyanotype in Photoshop is much easier and less time consuming than it was in …

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Oct 10 2012

HDR One, Online HDR Magazine

I was strolling through Google doing some HDR research when I stumbled across HDR One, an online HDR Magazine.  There are some awesome contributors to this magazine.  I found many of the articles to be very worthwhile.  I registered to begin contributing to their site, so don’t be surprised to see me show up on there every …

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Jan 30 2012

Awesome Frame Border


I was scanning Google + yesterday morning, a routine I love on weekends as I actually have time to do so, and spotted an awesome frame tutorial by Scott Kelby.  I followed the tutorial to a T and loved the result I received from it.  Of course I felt as if I were stealing in …

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Sep 21 2011

Google + HDR Finds: The HDR Cookbook

If you are not on G+ (Google+) then you may not know about Klaus Herrmann and his Definitive List of Active HDR Photographers on G+.  He has put together an awesome list of the HDR photographers present on Google +.  This is a great way to see what is going on in the HDR world, …

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Jul 05 2011

EverydayHDR World Wide

  Everyday HDR has made it all across America and more than half way around the globe!  Check out the Map overlays of EverydayHDR from Google Analytics, the darker the green the more views from that region. I find it hard to believe that more people in Serbia (24) have viewed EverydayHDR than Vermont (2). …

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