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May 02 2011

Leaving The Bay Area

Hello everyone, I know it has been almost 2 weeks now, my apologies, but my little man has stolen my heart and apparently all of my time.  I gladly give it all up, it is amazing how you can find the entertainment from staring at a sleeping baby.  We find ourselves doing that all day, …

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Apr 06 2011

Put Your Hands Up, Say Hell Yeah and Welcome Eric Valdez!

“Here’s to a hobby that takes us outside and the understanding wives who put up with it.” -Eric Valdez I have seen many styles of HDR, many styles that do not work and many styles that are over the top.  Eric Valdez brings a new light to the High Dynamic Range world.  He has such …

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Mar 28 2011

Redemption! So Sweet!

Saturday morning I woke up and thought, “Blake, you have never HDR’ed the Golden Gate Bridge, successfully anyway!” So I texted my good friend Eric, yep the same guy that I went on the shoot with a couple weeks ago, you know the one that torrential down poured on our perfectly planned photo trip?  I figured we …

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