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Oct 04 2013

How to Composite Photos

by In light of the newest HDR Concert, I figured it would be a good idea to bring back an old Compositing tutorial that is relevant to the Concert.  Compositing photos is a lot easier than you think, it just takes a bit of knowledge of Photoshop and some selection tools you may or may …

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Aug 20 2013

Are Bing’s Anti-Google Ads Working?


by I really dislike commercials, so does my wife.  As a matter of fact, every time a show goes to commercial break my wife mutes the TV.  She despises how loud they get and how annoying the jingles can be.  Despite the annoyance of most commercials, I could not help but notice Bing and their …

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Jul 23 2013

Beginning HDR Photography by Matthew Bamberg


by I recently read the Beginning HDR Photography book by Matthew Bamberg.  While I may be pretty advanced in this HDR stuff, it is always a great idea to see another HDRtist’s perspective.  This is no exception with Mr. Bamberg’s HDR book.  There is a quite a bit of great information in it, however, there …

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May 08 2013

Adobe Photoshop CS is Dead…RIP

by I received the news early yesterday morning from fellow HDR buddy, Nick Marzinski, of Trapping Light.  Adobe is releasing Photoshop CS7, or what would be CS 7, on the Creative Cloud only.  It was only a matter of time,  RIP CS   “So what does that mean for me?”  You may be wondering. The …

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May 06 2013

Understanding Crop Factor

by The crop factor of your camera is an important aspect of photography to take heed to.  You see, before I purchased a Full Frame camera I knew of the crop factor, I knew how it worked, I even felt I understood it well enough to discuss it.  However, I had never really had the …

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Mar 18 2013


by I was recently offered the awesome opportunity to write for HDR One, an excellent online HDR resource magazine.  Jimmy McIntyre does an awesome job of keeping this site up and running by continually seeking out the pro’s of HDR.  Every week there are some great articles posted to help you along the way. My first …

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