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Jan 18 2013

Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Tool


The Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Tool in Photoshop CS 5 & 6 is a very powerful asset.  It is tucked away pretty deep in the menus and not found in the normal adjustment layer section.  It is very similar to that of the shadow and highlight adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom, however, it gives you …

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Jan 07 2013

More Snow Pics

The snow is almost melted from the storm we had about 2 weeks ago.  It is bittersweet, a fresh snowfall is absolutely gorgeous, but the after effects, especially what it looks like now, is the exact opposite!  I am glad I still have these pictures to edit though as they remind me of the beauty in that first …

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Jan 04 2013

Grayscale Dodge and Burn Technique


I talk about dodging and burning a lot on EverydayHDR, as a matter of fact, I have done 3 separate video tutorials, one written tutorial, and I even threw in a segment about it in my eBook.  It is an extremely important step in the HDR process as you tend to lose a lot of important shadow …

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May 11 2012

Dodging and Burning With a Purpose: Photoshop CS5

  If you are a long time EverydayHDR follower, you know that I did a dodging and burning tutorial in the past.  However, I did not have a sweet microphone at the time.  As a matter of fact, it sounded like I was talking into a tin can!  I really felt the need to redo …

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Dec 02 2011

Dodging and Burning

Today’s video tutorial shows you how to successfully dodge and burn your HDR images without destroying them with permanent modifications.  It is a really simple method of making a %50 gray layer over the image you would like to dodge and burn.  You then set the layer to Overlay and start dodging and burning all …

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