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Aug 20 2013

Are Bing’s Anti-Google Ads Working?


I really dislike commercials, so does my wife.  As a matter of fact, every time a show goes to commercial break my wife mutes the TV.  She despises how loud they get and how annoying the jingles can be.  Despite the annoyance of most commercials, I could not help but notice Bing and their anti-Google. …

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Jan 28 2013

More Cyanotypes

I have been experimenting with a lot of my old Photographs from 2011 and 2012 with this new Cyanotype Action.  I am really digging it, it adds an element to these photos that match their mood very well.  Black and White is one way to make a moody image, but adding that slight element of …

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Jan 09 2013

eBook Publishing Guide Review


  How to Write an eBook & Publish it Online in Less Than 7 Days!     That is the eBook I bought on how to write an eBook.  That is one of those odd statements and almost ironic in a way, an eBook about eBooks.  Regardless of the trite thought, I had started my …

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Nov 05 2012

Voted Best HDR Blog of 2012

EverydayHDR was voted the best HDR blog of 2012 on HDR One.  I was honored to have seen my blog there from the beginning and to walk away with the tag “Best HDR Blog of 2012″ was even more astonishing.  EverydayHDR was up against some really great HDR resources.  Thank you to all of those …

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