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You can never have too much gear or software to make your HDRsenal better.  As I purchase these programs or give them a spin, I ensure I give you the low down on the whats hot and whats not with fair and un-biased reviews.

HDR Tone Mapping Software

  1. HDR Expose 3 !NEW!
  2. HDR Expose 2
  3. Machinery HDR Effects 2
  4. Photomatix 4.1.1 Review
  5. Oloneo Photo Engine
  6. Artizen HDR
  7. Photo Enhance Pro (Android App)
  8. HDR Camera and HDR Pro (iPhone Apps)
  9. Essential HDR
  10. HDR Photo Pro
  11. HDR Darkroom
  12. HDR Efex Pro
  13. HDR Express

Post Processing Software and Products

  1. onOne Perfect Effects 8 !NEW!
  2. Topaz Labs: photoFXlab
  3. Topaz Labs: Clarity 
  4. Topaz Star Effects
  5. Topaz Adjust 5 
  6. Pixel Bender (Photoshop Plug in)
  7. The Gimp
  8. Tiffen DFX 3.0
  9. EverydayHDR Texture Package 1


  1. Canon 24-105  mm f/4.0 L USM Lens !NEW!
  2. Amazon Basic Bag
  3. Vanguard GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head
  4. Rokinon 8mm Fish Eye Lens


  1. Eli

    Hi Blake
    Please can you tell me where I can download your Topaz Denoise plugin?
    I really enjoyed your latest video,and as always learned a lot.

    1. Blake Rudis

      Sure ting Eli, I am glad it helped, the direct link is here. The blog post link is here thanks for stopping by often, take care Eli.

  2. Bjørn Rasmussen

    What about LR/Enfuse ????

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