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Dehaze in Photoshop CC 2015

Let’s look at what this Dehaze in Photoshop is all about! When Photoshop CC updated last month they added a new feature, Dehaze in Photoshop.  However, you won’t find it in Photoshop it is nestled deeply inside Adobe Camera Raw in the Effects panel.  I... read more

Yosemite Photography Workshop… I need a rematch!

Yosemite Photography Workshop – May 2016 It has been nearly 5 years since my last visit to Yosemite.  I was very young in my blogging and photography career and newly married to Sarah.  We went on a quick vacation one weekend as it was only a 4 hour drive from... read more

Dodging and Burning in ACR or Lr

Dodging and Burning is not just a Photoshop thing! I will be the first person to advocate that Dodging and Burning is the most powerful technique we have in our arsenal as Digital Artists to make incredible images in Photoshop.  These techniques can be used to add... read more
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