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Saturday May 23rd


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What is EverydayHDR all about?


  • Hands down… Making Awesome Photographs

  • Easy to follow FREE Photoshop and Photography Tutorials

  • Non-Objective Product Reviews

  • A healthy learning environment with a helpful community


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Cannon Beach Oregon Photo Trip – October 2015

I want a rematch!  Who is with me? In February my family and I took a little trip to Cannon Beach.  It was for two purposes really: To relax as a family Record a Long Exposure Course We did a lot of relaxing and a little bit of recording.  I didn’t get as much... read more

Merge to HDR in Adobe Camera Raw 9

HDR in Camera Raw Rocks! Lightroom received a lot of hype and hoopla over the awaited merge to HDR in Lightroom without going into Photoshop, which is a great feature.  However, Lightroom is not the only Adobe product that received a makeover a few weeks ago.  As many... read more

Finding Your Inner Artist: Part III

Once you’ve found it CHALLENGE it! We are on the last and final part of the “Finding Your Inner Artist“ Series.  Let’s do a quick synopsis of Parts 1 & 2 before we go any further: Part 1:  Find your style and what makes you unique... read more

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