I had intended to call this page HDR Collaborations, however, Collaboration implies the coming together of many to create a single work.  I felt a better term would be HDR Concert, a group working together harmoniously to create a symphony of similar HDR works.  Everyone in the HDR concert is instrumental to the final piece.  Just as every instrument has a varying sound, the individuals participating in the concert will attribute their own unique sound in the final symphony.

The concept is simple, the last Wednesday of every month I will host an HDR Concert right here on EverydayHDR.

  • I will put the word out 1 week prior (3rd Wednesday of every Month) using social media such as Google +,  Facebook, and EverydayHDR.
  • I will include the brackets to be HDR’ed in the announcement.
  • Once the word is out, the first 10 people to send me their image will have themselves a seat in the concert.
  • I will respond to your submission with a form that must be filled out and returned prior to your image being posted.
  • You may use any tone mapping and post processing software for your final image.  Textures, borders and effects may be applied during post processing.
  • There will be revolving themes some of which may require you to break your mold a bit, these themes will be discussed in the initial announcement.
  • In general any tone mapping and post processing is acceptable.
  • I would like to stress this is a concert, it is a union of many artists coming together harmoniously to create an HDR symphony.  This is not a competition.

Let the symphony begin!

The Brackets

HDR Concert #1: In Shining Armor

  The image brackets came from the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City.  I had been yearning to do something with them when I took them and somehow I forgot about them.  I went searching for the first subject matter for the first HDR concert and thought, “what an awesome image to break the mold”. …

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HDR Concert #2: A Fading Fortune

  HDR Concert#2 had a great turn out with several styles all coming together for one harmonious reason, HDR photography.  This Concert was slightly different than the last as there was a twist.  Once the image was tone mapped everyone had to use one of two options as an addition to the image.  Many went …

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HDR Concert #3: Long Term Solution

The longevity of the Howitzer cannon has definitely stood the test of time as it has appeared in many battles over the last Century.  This Howitzer appears to be a 155mm M114a2, which had it’s hay day in World War II.  It currently stands on display in my quaint little town of Platte City guarding the downtown …

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HDR Concert #4: Ticket To Ride

  I always enjoy these Concerts.  It is awesome to see everyone from all over the globe coming together to process the same brackets.  These concerts point out what I really enjoy about HDR photography, no two images will ever be the same!  Everyone has their own process and makes their own stylized decisions when …

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HDR Concert #5: Harvest

  This Concert was a blast and really hosted some very creative results!  I was thoroughly impressed by the submissions this month as the Concert requirements were a little bit more tricky than usual.  For those of you who are tuning in for the first time, the idea was to take the brackets from above …

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12 Blake-Rudis

HDR Concert #6: Navigator… Navigate

  The directions were simple, take the single RAW file and extract the dynamic range out of it to make it an HDR image.  I had a blast with this one as there were some technical aspects that had to be considered.  First, how do I extract the dynamic range without losing too much information? …

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10aa-Blake-Rudis copy

HDR Concert#7: Dilapidated Delight

  The directions for this Month’s HDR Concert were pretty vague… be creative if you want.  Sometimes I am less creative than others with rules on these things.  Even with my vague rules, all of the entries pulled out more than just something worth looking at!  As usual, I had a blast with this Concert …

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07-Blake-Rudis copy

HDR Concert #8: Pigeon Forge

      The brackets for this months HDR Concert were provided by Steve Rich.  Thank you Steve for providing a great capture of Pigeon Forge Tennessee at night.  It was very difficult for my creative juices to spin on this one, I know the contest was open for anything but the image was already …

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HDR Concert #9: The Color of Autumn

  Nick Marzinski was gracious enough to supply us all with these brackets for HDR Concert #9.  I had asked Nick what he thought the twist should be, he simply requested that the brackets be post processed with color in mind.  Maybe a cross process effect, bleach bypass, hue shift, saturation adjustment, or a pop …

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Blake Rudis

HDR Concert #10: A Peaceful Entry

  HDR Concert #10 kicked off without a hitch!  It was surprising due to last months lack thereof.  I was thrown for quite the loop when the Concert was full in less than 24 hours.  In the past I have never had to close a Concert within 24 hours of its announcement, in fact I …

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HDR Concert #11: A Continental Bridge

  Another very successful HDR Concert has been published.  A very special thank you goes out to Jason Ruth for allowing us to post process his brackets.  It was a great set of brackets for us to lay our hands on. I really enjoy Concerts like this that spread over multiple continents.  Whether you are drinking your …

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HDR Concert #12: The Men Who Added Mice

  HDR Concert #12 was not as big of a hit as I had expected.  This had nothing to do with the wonderful brackets that were supplied by Damien Parker.  The image and brackets were very easy to work with and practically flawless, I thought the “Caution: Wet Floor” sign was awesome by the way! …

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001 Leonard Murtha

HDR Concert #13: A Vast Sunset

Len Murtha, an HDR Concert Alumni provided us with this fabulous set of brackets to work with.  The colors are brilliant and the image is free of any technical flaws!  The perfect blend of beautiful landscape and amazing sunset.  I am assuming this was a sunset, it is hard to tell the difference between a …

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01a-Johnny-Santiago-Redondo-Beach copy

HDR Concert #14: Tone Map Mine, Show Us Yours

  Missouri is the “Show Me State”  I figured it would be more than suiting to show you my city and have you return the favor by showing me yours.  There were several excellent entries in this month’s concert.  I was very excited to see people from all over the world not only tone mapping …

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HDR Concert #15: The Working Dead”

  This month’s Concert was pretty challenging and may have scared away a few (no pun intended)!  The premise was to download the brackets, as usual, but then composite either a Zombie or Zombie Hunter into the composition.  I had a blast with this one and really expected more entries. This Concert concludes the HDR …

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  1. Jason

    I’m subscribed on facebook.. hope that is enough to get the next udpate

  2. Johnny

    Hi I’m new to your page.
    As far as the notices for the HDR concerts, will we recieve an email about it, Facebook or a notice on this page about it?

    Thanks Johnny

    1. Blake Rudis

      Hello Johnny,

      Every Concert is posted on the last Wednesday of the month. One week prior to the Concert the Announcement is made (second to last Wednesday of the month). I post the announcement on in the regualr feed. I also announce it on Google + and occassionally on Facebook (sometimes I miss Facebook). Once the announcement has been made the Concert is open for entries for 5 days or when I have received 10 entries, whichever comes first. I do not send out personal invites or Concert reminders, it is up to the individual to participate.

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