Jan 24 2013

Concert # 10 is closed!

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HDR Concert #10 is officially closed!

The first time in Concert history that all submissions were received in less than 24 hours!

Great job to everyone who entered! The results will be live on January 30th so stay tuned!

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Blake Rudis

Blake is a husband, father, and avid photographer whose passion for HDR led him to create EverydayHDR.com.
You can also find him on: Google+


  1. Toni

    I’m new to your site but I thought we had until the 28th to submit our complete image for the HDR concert. Also, I didn’t realize that there where a limited amount of entries. Please clarify, thanks

    1. Blake Rudis

      My apologies Toni. It is on the main Concert Page I should have clarified that in the Announcement. I say 8-10 people, but that usually ends up being 12-15. If I accept anymore than that my workload goes through the roof.

      I will amend the announcement and clarify from here on out. In the past a Concert has never filled up in the allotted time.

  2. Mark Hammond

    Wow ! I didn’t think I had been away that long, 24 hrs I can’t believe I missed it. Just goes to show that you have come along way. Next month I’ll have to pay more careful attention

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